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Assessments from the Psychology Experts

Expert Psychology Services provides a range of psychological assessment services to meet the needs of children, adolescents, families and adults. A psychological assessment takes place within a single assessment session and can include clients being asked to complete standardised psychometric tests which aid in understanding their psychological difficulties. In addition to general psychological assessments offered to children, adolescents, families and adults Expert Psychology Services also provides a range of specialised assessments of specific developmental and learning difficulties.
IQ Assessments
We are able to offer cognitive functioning assessments to both children and adults which provide a profile of an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Our IQ assessments can be amended to be suitable for clients for whom English is not their first language or who have unusual educational backgrounds.
Dyslexic Assessment
Dr. Ojarikri is able to provide detailed assessments of both adult and children who may be suffering from dyslexia and other learning problems. She is able to provide a profile of client’s reading strengths and weaknesses and assess the reading progress which people have made over time.

Dyspraxia Assessment
Expert Psychology Services are able to provide specialist assessments of children and adults with co-ordination, movement and organisational problems which may impact negatively on their schooling, work and everyday lives.
Dyscalculia Assessment
Dr. Ojarikri is able to assess children and adults who have mathematical problems and may have the specific learning problem related to learning and understanding of mathematics.

Developmental Assessments
Expert Psychology Services provides a range of developmental assessments suitable for both children and adults. We are able to assess specific developmental difficulties in both children and adults such as autism. We are also able to assess children and adolescents social, behavioural, and emotional development and provide a detailed assessment of children and adult’s adaptive functioning skills which refers to people’s ability to adjust to changes of environment, the degree to which they are able to function independently and their activities of daily living skills.

Attachment Assessments
Expert Psychology Services provides a range of specialised attachment assessments as part of the service it provides to children and families who self-refer to the service and the medico-legal assessments which Dr. Ojarikri provides in family proceedings work. The service provides assessment of the parent/infant and child/adolescent relationship, assessment of family relations (Family Relations Test) and Adult Attachment Style assessments.

Expert Psychology Services is professionally located in Liverpool and Wirral and provides a psychological assessment service to clients residing throughout Merseyside. We also work with clients living in Warrington and all other areas of Cheshire. Expert Psychology Services work throughout the North West region including Preston, Manchester, and Blackpool and are able to provide a psychological assessment service to clients residing in many other areas of the UK including Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds. These specialist psychological assessment services are also available to children and adults resident in other parts of the UK who are assessed for the purposes of preparing a medico-legal or psychology expert witness report. Dr. Ojarikri holds the professional qualification, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, is registered with the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.