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Expert Psychologist Witness

Psychology-Expert-WitnessWhat is an expert psychologist witness?
A psychologist who undertakes expert witness work is someone who has developed particular expertise in their field by virtue of further post-graduate study, research and gaining extensive experience within their field of clinical practice. Such psychologists can helpfully apply their knowledge in the legal arena to assist Courts in reaching decisions about matters which require psychological knowledge.
When is an expert psychologist witness used?
A psychologist expert witness is called upon to provide a specialised expert psychological assessment, written medico-legal or expert psychology report, and possibly also to provide expert witness testimony at an interim or final Court hearing when their psychological knowledge will be of benefit to the Court in reaching legal decisions. Expert witnesses psychologists are commonly used in family proceedings, criminal proceedings and personal injury matters.

What experience do we have in providing an expert psychology witness service?
The Director of Expert Psychology Services is an experienced expert witness having previously undertaken expert witness work in her previous NHS role in a CAMHS team for Looked After Children. Dr. Ojarikri has worked as an independent Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist for over four years and prepared over 170 expert witness reports in family proceedings cases involving parents, children and other adult relatives in public and private law family proceedings. She has also assessed several children, adolescents, and adults in criminal and civil/personal injury cases. Dr. Ojarikri has undertaken Bond Solon and British Psychological Society approved Expert Witness training in order to enable her to undertake the demanding work entailed in acting as a psychologist expert witness.

Expert Psychology Services have a lot of experience in undertaking expert witness psychology assessments, preparing written medico-legal and expert psychological reports, and providing expert witness testimony in family, criminal and medico-legal cases. Dr Ojarikri also maintains an active private practice undertaking assessments and therapy with children, adolescents, families and adults which she believes enriches the clinical experience that she can bring to her expert witness work.

We have offices located in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Cheshire in North West of England but we do undertake throughout the UK. Dr Ojarikri can make arrangements to assess clients at any address, whether at their homes or premises or in one of our offices. Dr Ojarikri is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has attained the professional qualification Doctor of Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology, Networking Community of Psychologists in Independent Practice and is regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.