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Testimonials Applauding the Work and Professionalism of Dr. Dorothy Ojarikri
“As always thank you for all your hard work on this case.”
— Criminal Solicitor, Warrington


“We rate Dr. Ojarikri incredibly highly and look forward to working with her in the future.”
— Family Solicitor, Leeds


“I came across the above lady very recently in my search for a Clinical Psychologist. I had need of her professional services, including consultation, interview and report within a very short time frame. I found Dorothy to be very accommodating in the tight time constraints I necessarily had to impose, both with regard to the consultation and the provision of the report. I found the fee she quoted was entirely competitive. The report she produced was excellent and produced the desired result.”
— Senior Partner for and on behalf of a firm of Chartered Accountants commenting in respect of a dyslexia assessment and report completed


“May I thank you for your comprehensive, insightful and well argued report.”
— Child Care Solicitor, Cumbria


“We thank you for your message and the attached report of Dr. Ojarikri, which we have read carefully. Please pass on to her the thanks of ourselves and the lawyers for the other parties for the excellent report which she has produced under difficult circumstances.”
— Child Care Solicitor, Nottinghamshire


“All parties were really pleased with your report and found it extremely helpful, so well done!”
— Child Care Solicitors, Cheshire


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