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Attachment Therapies

Attachment-Therapy1What are Attachment Therapies?
Attachment therapies are based upon attachment theory developed by John Bowlby and the central part that our attachment relationships with family and other significant people in our lives play in our psychological well being. Attachment therapy is an umbrella term used to describe several different types of attachment based approaches available to provide practical support and help to children, adolescents and families who experience attachment and other psychological difficulties.
What do attachment therapies do?
Attachment therapies are used to support infants, children and adults who have suffered psychological trauma and/or maltreatment. Expert psychology services offers a range of attachment therapies appropriate for use with both children and adults who experience attachment difficulties including theraplay (a child and family therapy focused on building attachment and self-esteem), dyadic developmental psychotherapy (evidence-based treatment for children who have experienced complex trauma) and object relations therapy (an attachment therapy based upon developmental psychological theory which enables adoptive and foster parents to understand how the child’s social, emotional and behavioural problems stem from past maltreatment and provides tips which parents and primary caregivers can use to help their child catch up with their peers who have not experienced adversity and form a more secure attachment with their primary caregivers). The attachment therapies available for use with children are all practical and experiential with an emphasis on strengthening the relationship between the child and their parent or primary caregiver. Talking therapy is available to support adolescents and adults with attachment difficulties.
What sort of problems can it be used on?
Attachment therapies are used to support children, adolescents and adults with attachment difficulties as a consequence of maltreatment or complex psychological trauma. These approaches have also been found to be helpful in building self-esteem and in supporting people with behavioural problems and developmental disorders such as autism.

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