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Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy

What is schema focused cognitive therapy?
Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy is an integrative evidence based talking therapy which incorporates the most effective aspects of cognitive, behaviour, interpersonal and object relations therapies.
What does Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy do?
Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy changes destructive self-defeating thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour which people develop about themselves and their interpersonal relationships with others. These self-defeating patterns are known as ‘life traps’ and normally develop in childhood or adolescence as a consequence of maltreatment or other negative life experiences. These self-destructive patterns can also develop in adulthood as a consequence of psychological trauma.

What sort of conditions can it be used on?
Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy is a medium to long term psychological therapy which is particularly effective in treating long term psychological problems which may not have responded to previous short term psychological therapy. It can be used to treat a range of long term psychological problems including chronic depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

Expert Psychology Services is based in Liverpool and due to the weekly nature of therapy focuses on providing therapy to children and adults in the local area. We are based in Liverpool but do work throughout the entire Merseyside area including Wirral and some other areas of North West England including Warrington. Expert Psychology Services provides children and adults with the opportunity to work with a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who holds the professional qualification Dr. of Clinical Psychology is a member of the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Practitioner Clinical Psychologist and a member of the Networking Community of Psychologists in Independent Practice. As a Clinical Psychology service professionally based in Liverpool we pride ourselves in offering a range of individual short, medium and long term psychological therapies to adults, children, adolescents and their families to meet people’s individual expectations and needs.